Steering systems

Centimetre precision at night and in poor visibility:
Steering systems from Schröder

We offer high-precision, automatic steering systems that use satellite signals and sensors such as ultrasonic or line sensors to steer the vehicle. We can also assemble on vehicles that are not pre-equipped. Your advantages:

  • Centimetre precision in the row without row counting at the headland
  • Precise work in beds with minimal turning times
  • Cost effective with maximum precision
  • Year-round use in all cultivations and applications
  • ISOBUS compatible
  • Easy attachment in the vehicle
  • Less overlaps and fewer imperfections
  • Work even at night or in poor visibility
  • In-house Schröder RTK stations

Our RTK stations in Lower Saxony

Ahlerstedt, Bispingen, Bramstedt, Diepholz, Funnix, Lamstedt, Lastrup, Norden, Ostrhauderfehn, Schwarmstedt, Schweringen, Twistringen, Völkersen, Wardenburg

Our RTK stations in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Friedland, Leizen, Penzlin, Teterow